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Advertising in

Advertising in is one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways of advertising. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways of promoting your business or service where the inwanizer can reach the largest possible number of people and choose the method of sending the inwanizment notification to these people.

To advertise in you should register and then built a free inwan page that contains a picture that describes your business (logo is preferable), a description of your business or service, your address, business contact details and finally your location on our map. This information is free basic information before starting any other step. The inwan page will always be there for you to modify, update whenever you want for free. Also you can add other information to your inwan page showing additional images of your company, products, additional branches in your city, brochures all for free.

In we created an application of business inwans that allows the user to search within our database for addresses using an advanced categorized search method which gives the user a chance to have a focused search by selecting the specific category needed in a specific city. In addition, users can use our map to search through inwans based on the selected location on the map. This new search method is very useful to find the exact information the user is looking for as it allows combining category and location to find the best possible match.

Using the same innovative search method, allows users to search inwanizments by combining the required category and location to find the best deal or advertisement required. At we came up with the Inwanizment Homepage concept which hosts a single homepage for each combination of category and location which shows users the exact desired Inwanizments as selected. This way, ensures the benefit for the user and inwanizer at the same time.

To create an inwanizment in all you need to do is after establishing the free inwan page, create your desired inwanizment space in the inwanizment home page you select among a number of inwanizment spaces you desire, most of which are free and some special unique ones are with a minimal rent. Then select the duration you want your inwanizment to show. In addition, more registered site users can be reached using Inwan text messaging or email advertisement campaigns. These campaigns will be delivered to users who are registered in the site and specifically to users who are interested in the category you selected in your area. Advertising in is very effective, fun and flexible. It even allows you to select the numbers of users you want your advertisement to be sent to in an easy automated way.

So, to advertise in please do the following:

1) After entering as an inwanizer, search our database for your inwan page by inputting you’re name, category and city of your business and looking up the results. Because it might be already created by one of the site users or any of our inwaners. If you found your business inwan profile, then you may edit it as you wish or continue directly linking this inwan to an inwanizment page. 

 2) If the search result showed no inwan page for your business, then create your inwan page which contains a picture (logo is preferable), description of your business, your location on a map and contact details to communicate with you (you can also create sub-pages of the branches also located on the map)

3) If you want to publish an advertisement, select the desired inwanizment space and select the category and city of your ad.

4) Select the period of your inwanizment (note that you can modify the inwanizment as much as you want as long as it’s rented under your name) also, you can select the same space for different periods as you desire.

5) As you wish, you can create an advertisement campaign by sending e-mail messages or SMS text messages directing to your advertisement