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Who are we in a nutshell is your business address home…

Have you heard the term “commercial network”? Well, to me this is a part of its definition:

Do you want to advertise in a special place? Where thousands of eyes can see your advert and explore it even more…

Do you want an address page in a dynamic database that is linked directly to the user in a way that is fulfilling the market needs?

Do you want to place your ad in an electronic database that is categorized with a dropdown browser which gives the user a number of options such as the choice category, product, region or country?

Do you want to participate in building your society through contributing to building a database of important addresses to you that serves your requirements?  Do you want to be working to develop one of the most unique electronic search tools in your city and to contribute in building one of the strongest address and advertisements database tools in the region? We give you that opportunity. So, rather than leaving the internet page next time you don’t find the place your looking for, simply create the address profile for it and contribute to this great tool, your addresses database.

Whether your advertisement is personal, commercial or for a company gives you the opportunity to advertise in a new systematic modern way reaching thousands of people in the place you pick.

All you need to do is: to create your Inwan page where you describe your business and address with an image of your choice and your location on the map. After that you will have a chance to select the Inwanizment slot (advertisement slot) you need from a variety of options either with a minimal fee or even free. Additionally, you can enjoy sending email campaigns and text messaging campaigns of your advertisements to the site registered users. 

Dear Inwanizer, as you’re a business owner whose wanting to create an inwan page and advertise, is the perfect place to reach the largest possible number of subscribers easily, which enables you to deliver information in the form that you want and to modify your address page or inwanizment page in the way that you require at any time

Dear Inwaner, as a marketing expert who has a marketing network, is the perfect place for you, whether you're an individual or a marketing company, to generate additional income and enjoy working in a flexible way on part-time bases in the time and place that suits you best. All you need is to manage your time to benefit from this great tool.

Dear web surfer, is the perfect place to find inwans, inwanizments or discounts and more! In any field you want. Not only this, but allows you to specify the place or area in which you want to search and based on your choice notify you via e-mail messages or SMS about the specific category and location you selected. In addition to this allows you to evaluate the inwans and inwanizments or even write your own personal experience with this inwanizer in an easy fun way, you can even include pictures along with your evaluation


Dear Inwanizer, Inwaner and web surfer , is the only place that allows you to browse, advertise and market at the same time no matter what your age your gender or your business is, simply because is not limited to a specific group of participants to take advantage of our unique services. Yes you are distinguished user. is the outcome of extensive research and design that involved experts and engineers and lasted more than six years before launching in order to ensure giving the best product  that satisfies the needs of inwanizers, users and inwaners and come up with an outstanding advertisement address integrated website with an Arabic identity and global benefit. is your address for marketing your business.